“…Trained a Horse Other Trainers Couldn’t…”

“I just finished handling a four year old that had ‘scared away’ another trainer. Now the horse is far more valuable.” N. Roundtree,

New Zealand
“…Stopped a Horse Being Terrified of Cars…”

“I doubted if Prof Beery’s methods would work. Not any more. I have just finished handling a mare that was terrified of cars. Now she is absolutely fearless of them.” T. Small., Australia

“…Stopped Running Away…”

“My three year old horse used to make a break and run away. I could not hold him with a rope tied to the jaw. The Beery system changed all that. It has been several months since I handled him and he has never shown any inclination to run away.” AH Baird, Arkansas

“…Stopped Mare From Kicking…”

“I have overcome for all time my mare’s habit of kicking. She was one of the worst kickers I have ever seen. Formerly any sharp noise would start her to kicking. Today I can fire a gun with the barrel resting on her neck, half way between the ears and withers, and she will not kick. In fact she doesn’t make a move.” H.H. Herkens, Eastern Illinois
“…Now So Gentle My 8 Year-Old Son Handles Her…”

“Since completing Beery’s course in horsemanship I have trained a four year old that was so badly spoiled and had been given up by everybody. She was so vicious no one would enter her stall. Now she is so gentle my eight year old son handles her.” Dell Nicholson, Michigan
“…Easy To Shoe Now…”

“I had a horse bad to shoe. And a number of trainers had given up on her. But following your Course in Horsemanship the Beery system made her docile to shoe.” Douglas Clark, Canada

“…Transformed a Team Of Bad Balkers…”

“I trained a team of bad balkers following Beery’s methods. Previously they’d been idle for three months. The owner was doubtful they’d ever be any good. But they’re good now, and at the first time of being asked.” Daniel Breitigam, Southern California

“…Never Forgets The Training…”

“Sometime ago I trained a colt by the Beery system. Not having any immediate use for her I turned her out on the pasture for several months. When I finally harnessed and hitched her up she obeyed the commands perfectly.” Daniel E Riggenbach, Colo

“…Now Easy To Handle…”

“I bought a mare for $50 because she was so vicious no one could handle her. She had not been harnessed for seven months. Following your methods I sold her for $175 because she was so easy to handle.” Chas H Makley, New York

“…From Worthless To Valuable…”

“By following your instructions I have changed a worthless dangerous balker into a horse worth $250” Dean Smith, Ohio

“…Valuable First Book of Instruction…”

“The first book of instruction is worth the entire cost of the course” Bertram B Hill, Limon, Colorado

“…Learned More In A Few Days Than In My Lifetime Riding…”

“I’ve learned more in a few days study of the course on Riding and Training the saddle horse than all the years I’ve been riding.” Fred P Wardrobe, Biggs, California

“…Stopped a Mare’s Bad Habits…”

“I bought a mare that refused to work for $100. By using the Beery system I overcame all of the mare’s bad habits and later sold her for $379.” Louise McCutcheon, Canada

“…Can Now Train Any Horse…”

“With the knowledge gained from the Beery Course in Horsemanship I know I can train any horse.” Robert E Walsh, Illinois

“…Worth $1,000…”

“I wouldn’t take $1,000 for the knowledge I have gained from your instructions.” C.C. Turner

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